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About the Innkeepers

Making Our Dreams Come True


Our Story

Jenny and John have been happily married since 2015, bringing a wealth of experience and a bundle of inspiring tales to their journey. Jenny, a seasoned pro with 33 years of management and retail wizardry, has conquered the corporate world as a project manager and conquered the hearts of countless customers in renowned retail establishments. Not stopping there, she's also been rocking the Avon world for over 27 years. John, on the other hand, has slain dragons of his own as a retired Trust Fund Analyst from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a fearless Army Veteran, and a former firefighter and lifesaver. Together, they've unleashed their inner innkeepers after years of preparation and aspiration. The stars aligned in 2023 when they found the holy grail of bed and breakfast locations in Floyd, Virginia. This place had it all - five mesmerizing bedrooms with their own private baths, a breakfast area as spacious as a ballroom, a cozy common area with a fireplace that emanates magic, and even a dedicated space for The Five Sister's Gift Shop. But this wasn't just any house, oh no. This gem had wrap-around porches that blessed the souls of anyone who laid eyes on them, offering breath-snatching views of majestic mountains. And let's not forget the town of Floyd, where this celestial wonder was located. It was a utopia boasting soul-soothing music venues, quaint shops that exuded charm, divine dining options, wineries and a brewery to satisfy the noblest of palates, and most importantly, the unbeatable proximity to the prestigious Blue Ridge Parkway National Parkway. Here, guests could simply step outside and embark on extraordinary adventures along scenic trails. With all of this dazzling goodness at their fingertips, it's clear that John and Jenny have discovered the ultimate fairy tale setting for their dream venture.

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